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Month: June, 2010

Breakfast in the pool place of the house

Three mature lesbian are long time childhood friends whom living in one village even after getting married. After their husbands left the house for work and children have been sent in school, a special breakfast buffet was being held in one of the mature lesbians house. This happens once in a week but every weekdays that their family is busy,they get love and attention from each other which is their love ones failed somehow. Each tongue are assigned to give an excellent performances and worth giving time for their juicylicious sweetened pussy cat that still have its rank on top of the others.

Girl got fucked after the game

Mature lesbian who always stayed in the billiard zone where different kinds of people used to play. This is a place where you can encounter several types of bet that are very wild and worth giving the effort. Some of those are being done by this mature lesbian on her nights that was full of horniness but this orgasm girl has its own taste of girl. She wants to be fucked by someone older that will gave her a feeling of being harassed and raped agressively due to oldies hunger in fresh meat. The night of goal was done in the private billiard room in the zone.

Fat old blonde lady hunt a tight pussy

A old blonde lady that is hunting a tight pussy that she can played with all day, a mature lesbian girl that is very attracted to tight pussy met a girl of her dreams a girl that has a tight pussy that she can licked and fucked with. She met this tight pussy girl in a hospital when she is admitted and the nurse who is in charge of her is the tight pussy girl she found out when this mature lesbian ask the nurse what is her pussy looks like, the nurse reply by saying why don’t you check it out.

First time girl to girl experience

Two mature lesbian girls try a different thing that they both did not try ever since. This mature lesbian ladies got curious on a girl to girl sex relationship because some of their friends are having an affair with other girls everytime that they are having a conversation their girlfriends always saying a lot of good and fun stories with their relationsip with the same sex. They both got encourage by the stories of their friends so this two mature lesbian friends decided to try just one shot to experience how it feels and they both enjoyed it and done it many times.

Three horny girls fucked after the meeting

Three highly skilled supervisor’s in operation division had a meeting in a conference room. This three mature lesbian girls forgot they’re profesionalism when they feel horny they dont really care where they are they just fucked out of it when they feel that they want it at that moment. After the meeting of their company at the conference room this three mature lesbian girls make out with each other because this three girls become sleepy after the meeting they all want to have a orgasm to get back their energy in work because they still have a long day of work.

Housekeeping girls fucked at the VIP room

Mature lesbian girls that is working on a five star hotel as a housekeeping fucked on one of the VIP rooms of the hotel it is so happened when this two mature lesbain housekeeping girls assigned to clean all of the VIP rooms this is rare when the housekeeping managers assigned a newly hired employees to clean the VIP rooms because most of the time they assigned a regular housekeeping that is working for at least two years in the company. The said employee was on a emergency vacation leave so this two newly hired girls got a chance to the VIP room.

Horny talent manager fucked her talents

A talent manager that is searching for the sexy ladies in town is going to every other cities to find an artist. There is no more audition to got hired she is the one who will approach you if someboy passes her qualifications. This mature lesbian lady found another mature lesbian in a shopping mall. The said lady is spotted on a sex toy boutique buying a red rubber cock the red lady approached her and ask if she want to do a sex scene video the girl agreed on the contract. The talent manager fucked all of her talents before doing a actual film.

Bored ladies get wet on the bed

Two mature lesbian both got bored on their house, this two lesbian neighbor are housewife they both doing the same routine everyday preparing meals and all duty inside their house as a daily routine this two mature lesbian are kinda boring with their life. So they want to have a different things to do with their everyday life. One day when the blonde girl decided to take a walk on their village she saw one of her neighbor who is also walking so they walk together and eat lunch together at the blonde girl’s house after eating lunch they begun fucking.

Long time friends make out at the kitchen

Two mature lesbian friends had a sex in a kitchen restaurant. It happen when their company had a night out dinner near their office. This mature lesbian and some of their close friends in the company had a dirty conversation in their table, after having a stresssful meeting with the manager. When their bosses leave after the meeting they order a couple of drinks to melt down and chill their night by drinking a bottle of tequilla all of them had their body shot with each other while this two lady gets horny and search for the place to fucked and they ended up making out in the kitchen.

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Mature lesbian have fantasies in woman with bog boobs, it tickles her pussy seeing it. Her friend who is also attracted with her beauty is game in every fucked that they make when they are horny as hell watching sex pornographic videos. While the two mature lesbians bumping each other body, the videos help them to create wild ideas done in their itchy genitals that want to have full healing to be itch free. The slim girl target is the big boucing boobs which is smash with giggle that made mine alive too. This sex happens in them is an ideal fucked to lesbian couples.